Welcome to NVM2017 – the official website for Nordic Retriever Blood Tracking Championship for teams 2017

On behalf of the Danish Retriever Club, it is our pleasure to welcome you to NVM2017 – the Retriever Nordic Championship 2017 in Track for Teams.

This year’s event will take place on the 12th – 13th of August in the northern part of Zeeland near the city Hillerød (North of Copenhagen).
Teams from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark will participate.

The Retriever Nordic Championship in Track for Teams 2017, will be judged according to the current Danish Retriever Club’s rules as described in the “Reglement for Vildsporsprøver” (see subsection “§11 Championat sporene”) and the relevant accompanying “Bilag til Vildsporprøvereglement”
In English:  “Danish Retriever Club’s Tracking Test Procedure” and relevant appendix.
(Kindly notice: the Danish version will take precedence in any doubts.)
Relevant parts of the rules are translated into English, and are available on this website along with a link to the Danish set of rules.

Please find more information regarding the coming venue in this website

We are looking forward to meeting you all in August in Denmark

On behalf of the committee
Charlotte Thomsen